Ratings Research: ABSTRACT

The rated universe if accessible to anyone on thewebsite. There you can simply enter a entity name and after a few clicks you can then view the S&P credit rating.

The credit rating of a given company holds a different value depending on who needs the rating; traditionally, this information is used by large commercial companies for different regulatory filings and compliance reporting. Though this information is available to the public, to use Standard & Poors as a source for credit ratings, clients are required to have a ratings or RX license.

In 2017, only 5% of Standard and Poor clients had a RX license while over 80% of clients have Standard & Poors listed as a contributor on public filings, which violates standard MSA contracts. 

I have partnered with S&P Global's Product and Design team to engage with S&P Clients who are utilizing S&P Ratings without a RX license.